From manual planting to mechanical planting

Our story begins from 1970's, as our forestry contracting company began mechanical soil preparation and manual planting.

​During 1980's and 1990's, we proceeded mechanical soil preparation and manual planting contracting, all the time developing own soil preparation tools for our own contracting purposes.

At the second half of 1990's, we had already developed two-headed mounder and we began to research the suitability of the mechanical planting for Finland.

Now our work continues in the second generation...


M-Planter - Mechanical tree planter

y the turn of the millenium, we developed our first excavator based mechanical tree planting device. The new planter was double headed, so it could plant two seedlings at the same time, or if needed it could proceed as a one headed planter. The planter was equipped with adjustable planting spacing and it was made strong enough that it could help out 17 ton excavator. As the planter prove to be reliable and efficient, we continued the developement process.

To be more cost-competitive, we wanted to combine the soil preparation and planting. At 2005, we manufactured our first official M-Planter prototype. Like the first planter we manufactured, also the first M-Planter prototype was double-headed, but at this time the planter would mound and plant. The first prototype participated studies made by METLA (Finnish Forest Research Institute), and it proofed itself very efficient and competitive against already existing planters.


We continued the developement process and at 2007, we manufactured the second M-Planter prototype. When compared to the first prototype, the second one included larger seedling capacity to ensure better efficiency and renewed hydraulic system to ensure the reliability.

Through the success of the first two prototypes, we became more interested in mechanical planting and founded new company at 2008. The new company, M-Planter Oy, focuses on developement and manufacturing of M-Planter planting devices. At the same year, M-Planter launched official M-Planter M-240 and made first serial manufacturing serie for Finland's domestic market.

According METLA and other research institutes, not forgetting our own long experience, M-Planter had proven to be extremely robust and reliable tree planter. Therefore, M-Planter developed single-headed planters: M-120 and M-160M. M-120 is excavator based single-headed mounding planter and M-160M is respectively harvester based single-headed mounding planter.

Towards the export market

At years 2015 and 2016, M-Planter began studying export market, continuing its product developement. At 2016, M-Planter manufactured double-headed planter M-320, which plants two seedlings at the same time, and fertilizes and waters the ready planted seedlings.

At 2018, M-160M got new development steps, as the harvester based planter was introduced as two excavator based versions: M-160 and M-160R. M-160 is a single-headed mounding planter like M-120, but it has enforced body, bigger seedling capacity and spade for additional soil preparation and/or harvesting residue sweeping. Basically, M-160R has the same design as in M-160, but the M-160R is equipped with ripper that can give deep impact for soil preparation. Both models are available with numerous additional equipment.

The long contracting experience combined with excellent long term developement has made M-Planter extremely efficient, robust and reliable solution for mechanical tree planting. Studies have shown that excellent seedling compression abilities combined with other mechanical planting benefits, have given the seedlings planted with M-Planter even 10 - 20 % growth and survival rate. In addition, numerous of studies have indicated that M-Planter M-240 is the most efficient excavator based mounding planter in the market.

Long contracting experience: With more than 40 years experience in mechanical silviculture and 20 years experience in mechanical planting, we know what contracting is and what planter must be able to sustain in contracting duties!

No yearly fees: We offer our technical product support for our clients, with NO yearly fees!

Ready to customize: We understand that different areas have different requirements, and we are always ready to customize our planters to fit to our client's unique needs!

Vast experience in different species: Our planters have planted almost 10 different species!

Now we want to share our experience and make M-Planter to fit to Your individual needs!